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LEADr Diploma in Commerciality
LEADr Diploma in Commerciality

LEADr Diploma in Commerciality

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In the real world, choices and decisions come thick and fast. There’s rarely enough time to research and analyse a proposition as thoroughly as you would like. The LEADr Diploma in Commerciality is an advanced course that covers the fundamentals of business as well as delving much deeper into more advanced cases and learning objectives relevant to making decisions in the business world.

The unique and key concept behind the philosophy of the diploma is the 54:70 Success Matrix™. The core curriculum recognises that an individual should have both the skills and the experience to be successful. Having strong theory but no experience or knowledge will not be sufficient and equally being “business-savvy” but lacking key theoretical skills will also have a negative impact on potential business success.

The unique methodology picks out the essentials of competitive and commercial strategy, links them with financial, organisational and people assessments and applies them to “go/no go decisions”, with the participant’s own money (don’t worry, it’s virtual!).

Learn, practice and apply our simple and powerful business analysis methodology.

This course is the only training programme delivered online that gives learners both the skills and experience using a unique concept of simulation based learning, giving real life examples using role play to build practical skills through a Experiential Learning Environment. The material is underpinned by a research programme at the University of Hertfordshire as well as teaching at University of Cambridge and is based on core competency models within top global corporates.