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Data Protection

Data Protection

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Whether you’re a business owner or someone who deals with data within a larger organisation, complying with the Data Protection Act is a crucial responsibility, one that if neglected could cost your business dearly in legal fees following a breach. This short, online course is designed to teach individuals and businesses what they need to know to meet their responsibilities with regards to the Data Protection Act.

What Does the Course Cover?

Although most people are familiar with the phrase ‘data protection’, many are unsure what it actually means and are daunted by the prospect of finding out. Over five easy-to-engage with modules, you’ll be guided through exactly what the Data Protection Act is and how it applies to your organisation. In the digital age, businesses are gathering more data than ever on customers and clients, and it is of paramount importance that this data is dealt with correctly to ensure confidentiality and avoid the disaster a breach can cause.

How Do I Learn?

All study takes place online, meaning you are free to study at your own pace with no deadlines to meet or fixed-time class to attend. Not only that, access to the course content is for 12 months, meaning you can return to a module when a situation arises at work where you need to check your knowledge of the Data Protection Act.


Progress through the seven hours of course content to learn all you need to know about the Data Protection Act.

  • Get a clear definition of what the Data Protection Act 1998 is and its purpose.
  • Gain an insight into the eight principles of the act and the implications of these.
  • Learn about the role of the Information Commissioner’s Office, the laws it enforces and its powers.
  • Find out about the register and who is obliged to register.
  • Explore the role and responsibilities of a data controller.
  • Learn about the conditions for processing data as defined by the Data Protection Act.
  • Understand the definitions of personal and sensitive data and the conditions relating to the use of this data.
  • Learn about the requirements surrounding the handling and sharing of data.
  • Find out how data protection applies to organisations.
  • Get clarity on what businesses need to consider when creating policies and procedures.
  • Learn the responsibilities and repercussions for an organisation that has experienced a data breach.
  • Explore the reasons why some organisations may not have to be on the ICO Data Controller’s Register.
  • Consider reasons why organisations may refuse to comply with subject access requests.
  • Gain an understanding of the circumstances in which data may be disclosed to other organisations.
  • Learn about the new European Union rules regarding data protection.


  • Technical support is available, should you encounter difficulties.
  • Study on all your internet-enabled devices, at a time that suits you.
  • Access to the course material is for 12 months, meaning you can recap learning whenever you wish.
  • Start learning as soon as you pay securely by credit or debit card, PayPal or BACs.
  • Easy-to-access modules make learning time effective as well as cost effective.
  • On successful completion of the multiple choice test at the end of the course, you can download your certificate to prove your new expertise.
  • Acquiring a good working knowledge of the Data Protection Act is essential for small business owners who wish to avoid potential breaches.
  • Proving your commitment to taking the Data Protection Act seriously is a sought after skills within large organisations in all industries.

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This course is CPD certified.