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Online Automotive Technical Training

Drive Development Solutions are delighted to partner with Prodiags to provide Online Automotive Technical Training learning solutions.

Why Choose Prodiags?

•Development of e-learning from scratch can be challenging and expensive. However based on our experience we know that successful online learning saves you training costs, increases efficiency and flexibility.
•Prodiags enables training at the right time and gives you and your learners more possibilities than traditional classroom teaching.


Prodiags impacts your bottom line positively
Your trainees can learn whenever and wherever they have internet and a computer available. Traveling and absence from work are minimized therefore saving costs and time. Get a jump start with e-Learning with Prodiags.

Easy to use
Choose your bundle in our webshop or course module in Prodiags. Set up the learning environment and add the courses to it. Add your learners and form groups and teams when required. Jump start with Prodiags and run your training with conventional/blended and/or e-Learning.

Attractive for employees, you, and your customers
Your Trainees study independently of time and location, whenever and wherever they have the opportunity. Provides your employees with resources they require to increase customer experience. Provides knowledge and learner experience of which you and your customers can benefit. Prodiags will help you keeping your talents with the latest technology and trends.

Cost Effective
Assessments and a final exam at the end of each course guarantee the training targets are fulfilled. Multi-user licenses for group - and self study on yearly basis. Course bundles are available in our webshop. Course modules can be ordered directly in Prodiags.

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