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The only way to do GREAT work is to LOVE what you do

This week, I thought I'd write about loving what you do. One of the concerns that I hear from my clients is the high turnover of staff, they say this generation don't seem to take pride in their work. The issue it seems is two-fold

  1. Attracting talented individuals with the right attitude.
  2. Keeping hold of them

Naturally as someone who has worked in Training and HR for over 15 years, I tell them to invest in training their teams. Statistically organisations that invest in training have lower staff turnover.

However, there are other things that can be done to help people who are losing the love for their job and if that's you or someone you know read on.

  1. Make a conscious effort to enjoy work - I think we all know that the secret to being great at something is enjoying doing it. If you hate doing something you won't have the motivation to keep coming back for more. To quote Steve Jobs "The only way to do GREAT work is to Love what you do!"
  2. Make a list of things you enjoy about work - Sometimes that list is very small. But we can always find something we enjoy. By concentrating on what we enjoy it makes the difficult bits easier to take.
  3. Stop trying to change everything - It is easy to say I don't like this anymore and throw everything out at once. Instead focus on one or two actions that can make a difference.
  4. Get the bits you don't enjoy done first - This is one of the greatest tips ever given to me. If I know I have some work to do that really drains me. I get it done first thing in the morning that way I have more energy to tackle it and I know once I'm done I can get on with the stuff I enjoy!
  5. Let go of the things that you can't control - Too often we focus our energy on things outside of our control. If it is outside of your control, let it go. Focus on the things you can change and change them for the better.
  6. Plan what and how you are going to get to your dream job - If you have decided that this isn't your dream job, start planning how and what you are going to do. I hear so many people who talk about what they are going to be doing in 5 years time and never get round to doing it. Stop talking and start doing. What is the first step you need to take?