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People Buy From People They Trust Part2

People Buy from People they Trust. Part II

A few weeks ago, I wrote about my friend Dean and the trouble he had recently when purchasing a new car.

I posed the question "how do we Build trust with people?" and from the phenomenal response I received this is obviously a topic close to many people.

What I'd like to do this week is share with you some of the responses I received and give you a couple of ideas to help get started building trust with others. These tips apply to any situation whether you are selling, managing a team of people or just meeting someone new.

  1. Smile - Nothing breaks the ice better than a smile. Being warm and friendly doesn't cost anything.
  2. Be Transparent - Being open and honest is vital. Trust takes time to build but can be destroyed instantly by the slightest hint of dishonesty
  3. Listen - You have to show a genuine interest in others to build trust. They say there are 3 levels of listening: 1. Hearing but not listening, 2. listening with the intent to reply, 3. listening to understand.
  4. Use People's names - Dale Carnegie once said "There is no sound sweeter than the sound of one's name." Using someone's name speaks directly to them and makes them feel as though you know them.
  5. Show Empathy - In order to trust someone we need to feel as though we are understood. We need to find common ground. I will caveat this by saying don't over tell your story as we all know how annoying people who constantly talk about themselves are. Make sure any personal information you share is relevant
  6. Think Win/Win - We are conditioned from a young age to believe that in order to win someone else has to lose. In order to build trust both parties must feel as though they are winning. Win/win is about treating everyone as equal and helping others to succeed.

People buy from people they trust. The goal is to influence a purchase decision, not manipulate a customer through pressure or fear.