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People Buy from People They Trust

I'd like to introduce you to a friend of mine, Dean. I've known Dean about 5 years. Dean is a great guy with a wicked sense of humour. He is married with a young son, George. Dean is a Business Manager for one the High Street Banks. Recently Dean decided it was time to trade in his trusty, old estate for something shiny and new.

Like most modern car buyers he went and did his research. He read magazine articles, looked on the internet and got the brochures. He worked out what was the right price to pay and found out what his part-ex was worth. He then viewed the Used Car Classifieds to find the right one for him.

Finally after months of searching, the perfect car came in at a local dealership. Dean arranged a test drive the next day. Within minutes behind the wheel he had fallen in love. This was the car he wanted, in the right colour, at the right price and with low mileage. What wasn't to love about this car? Dean returned to the dealership and sat down with the sales executive.

After a bit of chit chat, He asked Dean what he was prepared to pay. Dean let him know he had a part-ex and a set monthly figure in his budget. With that figure the sales executive went off to do his sums.

Returning a number of minutes later the sales exec proudly announced, "Congratulations! I can get you in this car for your monthly budget." Dean excitedly took the finance quote.

That was when it all started to go wrong. "Why have you put GAP insurance and an extended warranty on the quote?" Asked Dean.

"Because you can afford it within your budget" declared the sales executive.

"But I didn't ask for them. You never asked me if I wanted a quote for them and more importantly you don't know whether or not I actually need them." Replied Dean.

40 minutes later, after much toing and froing and the sales manager getting involved. Dean got up and walked away from his perfect car. He vows never to set foot in that dealership again and tells everyone he meets the story.

You see the sales executive, spotting that this was possibly the easiest sale he was ever going to make, became lazy. He forgot to ask questions to establish Dean's needs. Dean probably would have benefited from GAP insurance and an extended warranty, but he didn't trust this sales Exec because he hadn't taken the time to get to know Dean. Sales are built on Trust.