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Because Your Family Matters

"Because Your Family Matters"

The words caught my eye as I stood on the platform edge waiting for yet another delayed train. Bold and strong they stood out to me and registered with me deep inside. They are the headline on the new Lloyds Bank advertising campaign. If you have not seen them yet they depict a young girl holding her parents hand and the 4 words "Because your family matter" do the rest of the talking.

We all know how true those words are, yet when we are busy with work it is so easy to forget who we are working for. Always chasing the next deal, the next big sale, the latest innovation that will make a difference and change everything for the better. As we start a new year now is a great time to re-evaluate our priorities and make some changes

A lot had been spoken about Work/Life balance and how important it is, but I often think when I read the articles about work/life balance that the authors miss the point and speak as if they are two different things on the opposite ends of a spectrum, like one cannot exist in the company of the other.

Working today is very different to how it was 30 years ago and likewise raising a family is equally different. The stresses of modern life, the technology we now have, the demands of work have all brought new challenges. Now more than ever it is not a case of work/life balance but of finding work/life harmony.

Because your family really do matter and in order to be successful at what you do; whether that be in sales, in management, in leadership you need quality family time. It reinvigorates you, it refreshes you and it reminds you of what is important.

So, what is Work/Life harmony. It is making sure that you don't get caught up in the urgent and making sure you remember what is important. It is about Leadership both in work and at home.

There are only 1440 minutes in every day. Time is a precious commodity. Unlike money you cannot make more of it. If you had to pay a pound for every minute I bet you would think more wisely about how you spent that minute.

Work/Life harmony is about recognising that you are not two different people, but that you are the same person at work and at home. Bring the two together in harmony because your family really does matter.